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The average lifespan of people has increased dramatically all over the world. It has increased dramatically since the 1950s, by 50%, and by 30% since the 1980s. The days of enjoying one’s golden years in a carefree and relaxed manner solely on the basis of employer-sponsored pension plans are long gone.

Today, many people are finding it harder and harder to save for retirement due to rising costs for things like housing, healthcare, education, and more.

People of all generations, from baby boomers to millennials, aren’t saving enough money for retirement, which is a sad fact. One of the global epic crises that gets the least attention is saving.

“Retirement can be challenging. There is never a bad time to start getting ready for retirement.”

People are searching for alternative opportunities that offer them higher returns in shorter time frames as a result. Real estate, private equity, and venture capital have historically been desired. Cryptocurrencies have now entered the scene as a new, more lucrative, and money-making investment.

Cryptocurrency Investments – For those who don’t want to place all their Eggs in one Basket

The ability to decouple your portfolio from reserve currencies is one of the biggest benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies. For example, if you invest in equity and reside in the UK, your retirement portfolio will undoubtedly include shares of UK-based companies. What would happen to your portfolio if the British pound dropped suddenly? Furthermore, nothing is certain given the unstable political environment that exists today throughout the world.

Investments in cryptocurrencies therefore make the most sense. You can effectively build a basket of digital coins by investing in them; this basket serves as a safe bet or an effective hedge against the potential depreciation of reserve currencies.

Due to its volatility, the typical investor should only invest a small portion of his or her retirement funds in cryptocurrencies. But instability can have a negative impact in both directions; consider the 1950s healthcare stocks and the 1990s tech stocks. The wealthy early investors were the astute ones.

Keep up or you’ll fall behind and lose. To begin creating a truly diversified portfolio, include cryptocurrency in your holdings.

Cracking the Wall – Build your Trust in Cryptocurrencies

The inability of most novice crypto investors to trust digital currencies is one of the biggest and most important obstacles they encounter. Many people, especially those who are approaching retirement or are not tech savvy, do not understand what the promotion is all about. Sadly, they are incapable of understanding and appreciating the vast potential of cryptocurrencies.

The truth is that cryptocurrencies are among the most dependable investments, supported by cutting-edge technology. Digital currencies are powered by blockchain technology, which enables instantaneous, irreversible trading without the need for third-party verification. It is a peer-based system that employs cutting-edge cryptographic techniques and is completely open.

Retirement Planning Funds Should Work on Demystifying Cryptocurrencies

Retirement planning funds need to inform investors about the limitless possibilities of cryptocurrencies in order to gain their trust and support. They require advanced analytics for this, which can help with providing accurate risk analysis, risk/return metrics, and projections.

Investment companies can also set up specialized cryptocurrency advisory services to aid and direct novice investors. In the upcoming years, it is possible to anticipate the appearance of a number of intelligent AI-based advisors that will help determine the best investments based on a person’s time horizon, risk tolerance, and other factors.

Alongside these intelligent advisors, human advisors can offer tailored advice and other suggestions to customers as and when they’re required.

Need for More Visibility and Comprehensive Control

As they experiment with this new asset, retirement investors looking to include cryptocurrencies in their asset portfolio need more control and visibility. Look for platforms that enable you to consolidate all of your assets in one location. An integrated solution that enables you to manage and balance all of your assets, including traditional asset classes like bonds and stocks and new asset classes like cryptocurrency wallets.

Making better and more informed decisions is made possible by having such a large platform that supports all of your assets. Thus, you accomplish your ultimate goal of saving for your objectives more quickly.

Look for investment planning websites that offer extra features like automatic or manual periodic cryptocurrency contributions.

Advances in Supporting Technologies for Cryptocurrency Investing

Only when the underlying technology enables seamless coin trading for investors, including novice investors who lack technical knowledge, will cryptocurrency investing become widely accepted. The ability to exchange digital coins for fiat money, other non-tokenized assets, or even other digital coins must all be provided. When that is possible, it will take out middlemen from the equation, bringing down costs and extra fees.

The value of digital currencies will rise even further as the technologies supporting cryptocurrency trading and investment mature and become more widely used. This implies that early adopters stand to gain significantly. The value of digital currencies will undoubtedly rise as more retirement investment platforms incorporate them, providing significant gains to early adopters like you.

You’re mistaken if you think it will take some time for these retirement investment platforms to become a reality. One such portal, currently in its Alpha launch phase, is Auctus. It is a first-of-its-kind retirement portfolio platform that accepts digital currencies. Both human and AI-powered analytical tools are available to Auctus users who want investment advice.

Currently, users can save for retirement using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other digital currencies. Additionally, users have access to the Automated rebalancing feature, which enables them to automatically change their portfolio according to a predetermined set of rules.

By making wise and appropriate investment choices or decisions, this all-encompassing approach ensures that users can reach their retirement goals earlier.

Final Thoughts – Cryptocurrencies are Not to be Ignored in your Retirement Portfolio

Yes, it is true that cryptocurrencies have a high level of volatility. In fact, there are speculations on the internet that suggest that “cryptocurrencies are nothing but a get rick quick scheme” and the bubble is likely to burst sometime in the near future.

Even if you have a limited investment time horizon, cryptocurrencies can still be a valuable component of your retirement portfolio. The current decline in cryptocurrency prices in 2018 gives you a rare chance to make gains, on the other hand.

Digital currencies are a great investment option to include in your retirement portfolio because of increased trust, holistic and directly controllable investment management capabilities, and advancements in supporting technologies.

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