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Trump first hinted at running for president in the very beginning of 2011. He claimed “hundreds of thousands” of people had urged him to run through an independent site called Now, what exactly is ShouldTrumpRun.com? Join me on this journey.

The billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump is reportedly planning to run for president, according to Internet rumors. Republican presidential nominee in office…

Late in 2010, ShouldTrumpRun.com was introduced. It was ostensibly an independent website to explore the possibility of a Trump 2012 campaign. It even explicitly said on the bottom it was “not endorsed by Donald Trump.”

This website, however, was not independent. It was established by Michael Cohen, a lawyer for Donald Trump, and two local lobbyists who were supporting Trump at the time as he pushed for a failed project in Jones Beach, Long Island.

Actually, the website got Cohen into some trouble with the FEC. Someone complained about Cohen after he flew on a private plane to Iowa to scout the ground for Trump. ShouldTrumpRun.com briefly pointed visitors to an FEC letter regarding the matter earlier this year.

Due to the fact that Trump had not yet formally declared his candidacy at the time of the trip to Iowa, the FEC exonerated Cohen of all charges.

That decision was approved by who?

Don McGahn, presently the White House Counsel and the former vice chair of the FEC.

What are those lobbyists currently doing? After Trump was elected, they opened a new office in DC. They have an eclectic lobbying practice, ranging from lobbying DoD in the name of a summer camp company to a lobbying Congress for the benefit of the “Gulen Movement in Turkey and America.”

Cohen’s collaboration with the lobbyists has not, however, ended.


They currently stand in for Cohen in his legal battle with FusionGPS.

Funny side note: ShouldTrumpRun.com was not registered by Cohen and the lobbyists. Igor Berezner, a web marketer from Brooklyn, was the one who said that.

Berezner runs an internet marketing company that offers “social media brand amplification.” Berezner has become very interested in cryptocurrencies, though, recently. He even goes by the name “BTCMilli” (for Tweeted by (Bitcoin Millionaire). Many crypto URLs, such as crypto-ruble.net, have been registered by him.

Hence, here we are today. The Current Layout of ShouldTrumpRun.com Yes, you guessed it: CRYPTO!!! The URL, which Berezner still owns, redirects to this site:

The owner of shouldtrumprun.com at the moment is a Russian man who goes by the name Igor… so, you know what that means.

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