Fri. Feb 2nd, 2024

Who is Kishanu Karmakar? This article focuses on the blogger’s background in blogging and how he went on to establish marketing and advertising services that are available to clients worldwide. CEO and Founder of SNK Creation is Kishanu Karmakar. He writes books, blogs about technology, and aspires to become an entrepreneur. He is deeply committed to both his work and dream. He enjoys writing about subjects that he has discovered along the way. Kishanu’s addiction interferes with his passion.

His success story explains how he achieved this feat without receiving any financial assistance. Even his school informed us that he was a top student and possessed exceptional writing abilities. He graduated from Dhruva Bal Niketan School in Jaipur with a class of 10, and his teacher and director, Mr. Lalit Kumar Banga, still maintains contact with him. He had many options available to him after that, even though he began his career in business. However, Kishanu was always learning about gadgets and technology from a young age, and he himself had excellent technological knowledge and abilities.

After three years of employment, he decided to leave his job, but persuading his family to support him in his dream endeavor was not an easy task given that neither his financial situation nor that of his family was sound. On March 1st, 2015, he launched his new startup company SNK Creation after a protracted struggle with society. He’s been unsuccessful for nine months, and his family was disappointed because he was unable to provide any money for household expenses. He didn’t give up, though, and kept blogging. Later, when he discovered an SEO error on his website—at the time, he was unaware of the significance of SEO—he understood why he wasn’t succeeding. Kishanu initially began with one article in a week; later, he began learning about keyword and SEO technology from other well-known blogs.

He then began penning blogs and articles on tech services and goods. He is an expert in SEO optimization and social media marketing. As of right now, he is India’s top tech blogger.

Now he started own company ” SNK Creation ” which offering World-wide IT, marketing, development, design, and advertising services. Despite the fact that he had a lot of new opportunities in his life, which actually better described Kishanu, His long-term goals include reading more articles, learning more, and producing more articles.

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