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The open source structural JavaScript framework AngularJS was created by Google. As it is dynamic and enables the creation of Single Page Applications using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it is best used for developing web applications.

Angular is frequently used to create responsive web designs that will make the web application usable on a variety of devices.

Why is AngularJS the best and useful?

Because AngularJS is derived from HTML, developers save time by not having to code an entire application. As a result, the developer can concentrate on functionality. Because the code can be tested and reused for other projects, it greatly reduces the amount of work required. These are some of AngularJS’s useful features.

Two-way data-binding:

The two-way Data Binding is a fantastic feature that allows for a responsive user experience by ensuring that any changes made to the view will also be reflected in the model and vice versa.


These HTML attributes have been extended. The directives can be personalized.

Client side MVC framework:

The JSON data response from AngularJS makes the web application manageable for an incoming client request.

Dependency Injection:

The available Angular injector subsystem has the authority to create components, handle their dependencies, and provide them to other components upon request. Resolving dependencies primarily reduces the workload on the backend.


Your own filter, which can be viewed as templates, controllers, or services, can be easily defined for the user’s display.


Expressions will connect the data from an Angular application to HTML elements and display the outcome in the exact place where it is.


to access the view value in the controller. A specific scope is bound to some JavaScript functions.

Usecases of AngularJS:

In situations with a higher workload, AngularJS can be used. It employs a cutting-edge strategy in which the UI will exchange data in JSON format with your server and the API will be on a stateless server, enabling decoupling between the two ends.

Angular works best when there are numerous updates that must be made frequently and dynamically. More easily than DOM manipulation frameworks, Angular paves the way to do it.

The Single Page Application directs AngularJS in a logical and maintainable manner.

Build AngularJS Web Apps and Websites

The Guardian:

British daily newspaper The Guardian is well-known for its publishing industry-leading design. The AngularJS app for the user interface of The Guardian’s website was created.

Video Streaming Apps:

It works well for apps that are particularly used by millions of people.

Example: Youtube for PS3

User-Review Applications:

Prior to acting, we would undoubtedly want to learn more about that something. Whether it be a movie to watch or a product we intend to purchase. We are skeptical about it but are very interested in the reviews. To make an informed choice, we would want to be aware of it. Applications for user reviews benefit from the use of AngularJS.

Example: GoodFilms, that provides reviews.


This would have been news to us all. It is best known for producing Lego-brand toys, which are primarily made of interlocking plastic bricks. It makes use of Angular’s single page application.

Travel Apps:

Given how popular travel apps are, the dynamic features are ideal for them.

Example: JetBlue

Weather Apps:

If it starts to rain while we are driving, everyone would be concerned. However, if we pay attention to forecasts, we can prepare and flee from it. For a weather app to be useful, the weather needs to be updated frequently.


User Generated Content Portals:

For websites like and, AngularJS is a great fit because it can handle a lot of posts, projects, updates, and chats at once. Both are built on AngularJS.


A chain of grocery stores, discount department stores, and hypermarkets are all operated by the American multinational retail corporation Walmart. The amazing features and experience you receive is because of AngularJS

E Commerce and M Commerce:

AngularJS is used to build many of the top e-commerce websites.

Example: Paypal

New York Times: a reliable website with a ton of news each day. There is no doubt that AngularJS is to blame. Single page applications are also used here.

Social Apps:

LinkedIn is used by every professional. It is well-known because it is simple to learn about a person and his or her interests. A profile owner is also informed when you view it. With AngularJS, LinkedIn was created for mobile.

Creating a fluid web application is made possible by all these useful AngularJS features. Send us an email if you’re interested in having an AngularJS web application developed for your company.

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