Fri. Jan 26th, 2024

Do you ever find yourself lacking inspiration for your upcoming major conference? Perhaps you have years of experience in the events industry and feel like you could use some new approaches.

Your next event could benefit from a silent conference to add some flavor.

A silent conference has been revolutionizing how events use their break out spaces as the hottest new trend in the events industry.

Here’s five ways it can help you revamp your next event:

1. Host your break-outs in the same space, instead of hiring multiple break-out rooms

You’ve got a spending plan in mind, but you just can’t stick to it. With silent break-outs, you can save money and add something fresh to the conversation. All of your breakout sessions can be held in your plenary room using the silent conference system. To give the breakouts a more intimate feel, you could even get creative and divide them with drapes or wooden structures.

2. Create multiple silent theatres in your exhibition space

By including silent theaters on the exhibition floor, you can shake up your typical trade show. These theaters can help you promote your brand or instruct your attendees in a fresh, entertaining way while selling your product. A live presentation or a pre-recorded audio feed can be listened to by audience members using their silent headsets. Theaters can even operate side by side with audiences of any size.

3. Hold a silent meeting

By holding a silent meeting, you can liven up boardroom gatherings! In addition to hearing the entire conference on their headphones in silence, delegates can speak into their conference microphones. This is ideal if the venue is large, if it will be noisy, or if you want to mask the audio for privacy concerns.

4. Take your delegates on a silent tour

Want to draw attention to something truly fascinating at your exhibition? Hold silent tours of your exhibit area to draw attention to the important products. While the speaker makes their way through the expo, attendees can follow along with their headphones on.

5. Take your audience ‘speed dating’

By using a “speed date” format for your break-outs, you can add some humor to your event. Put together a few distinct silent breakout rooms in one location, and instruct your attendees to switch to each one after ten minutes. Using the channel selector on their receiver, delegates can navigate and follow each session on their own. Making the most of your sessions’ content is a great idea!

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