Sun. Dec 31st, 2023

Every business has specific requirements for technology. Yet how can you choose the best tech tools for your company when there are so many available?

I use a variety of tools and programs to amplify my marketing tasks and keep track of particular projects because I am a digital marketer who lives and breathes the industry. It can be overwhelming at times, but it also exposed me to a variety of tech tools, allowing me to really focus on my favorites

To be more productive, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite tech tools. Here they are.


The idea behind Canva was to create a design platform that would compete with Photoshop and allow anyone—even those without a degree—to easily and quickly create designs. in photoshop]. Briefly put, Canva is an online resource for graphic design tools. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can access more than a million images, graphics, and fonts. It is an excellent tool for producing amazing content for your company and is used by both professionals and non-designers.

Click Funnels

Easy-to-use marketing funnels for your company. Everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your goods and services online is provided by ClickFunnels. Create marketing & sales funnels for your company that convert well by using ClickFunnels. They provide a wide range of integration options, hundreds of marketing templates, and a wiki with free training. Get on it.


With its simple, dependable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars, Zoom is a leader in contemporary enterprise remote video communications. It is the ideal tool for Businesses to stay connected with their clients 24/7. All of your conference, webinar, meeting, or screen-sharing business needs can be met with crystal clear video and audio. Setting up a conference is quick and simple, and joining one is just as simple from any of your devices—desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet!

Google G-Drive

Secure cloud storage and file backup allow you to securely store and access your photos, videos, files, and other data from anywhere at any time. Google Drive is the ideal business collaboration tool because it allows you to store, sync, and share documents and data. You can’t go wrong with G-Drive because it comes with 15 GB of free Google online storage at launch.


Trello is a collaboration tool that divides your projects into boards. Trello gives you a quick overview of what’s being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is in a process. Picture a whiteboard in your office covered in bright sticky notes, each one representing a task for you and your team. Imagine that each of those sticky notes also contains photos, attachments, and links to other data sources. Additionally, there is a place for you to comment and work with your teams. Now picture being able to access that whiteboard from any computer via the web and taking it with you wherever you go on your phone. Hello, Trello!

In its simplest form, Trello is a web-based, visual project management tool for your company. Trello was founded with the intention of resolving some significant planning problems that businesses regularly encounter. They may have a point, I believe.


Improve your company’s video marketing efforts with Vimeo’s robust video marketing & analytics tools! Users can upload, share, and view videos on Vimeo, a website for video sharing. For high-definition video, it was the first video sharing website to offer support. Vimeo guarantees greater interaction, increased teamwork, and greater business expansion.


Make international transfers for your company? Banks charge steep fees for international transfers. Transferwise, however, doesn’t. They offer quick and simple, low-cost international money transfers. They don’t charge the recipient any fees—just the business sending the money! Excellent conversion rates and incredible turnaround times for payments. [[Note: try to process payments during the week to avoid delays as banks may not always process transactions on the weekends.


Powtoon is a tool for making animated explainer videos and presentations for business purposes. Powtoon allows you to quickly create amazing videos. Use their selection of backgrounds, characters, styles, and videos, or upload your own!

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