Sun. Dec 31st, 2023

Tech events are something of a recent phenomenon. While localized tech events and gadget exhibitions have been taking place in various countries for years now, the first global mobile and tech event was organised in 2009 by the GSMA. Dubbed the Mobile World Congress and organised in Barcelona, Spain, the tech extravaganza was an instant hit with the global brands, tech enthusiasts, international media and young professionals who saw the event as an opportunity to connect, collaborate, debate and learn.

While the GSMA has since been involved in planning similar editions of Mobile World Congress in other parts of the world, South and South East Asia have started concentrating on planning and fostering their own platforms. From Telecom Worlds Asia to the India Mobile Congress, these events are just as opulent and top-notch as Mobile World Congress and significantly more significant in terms of the effects they have on the locales in which they are held. One of the biggest mobile, internet, and technology events in the world, and unquestionably the biggest in South Asia, is the India Mobile Congress. It is only fitting that it be held in India, the second-largest telecom market in the world.

In terms of consumption, India is quickly becoming a leader in technology and telecom. It recently surpassed the United States to take over as the second-largest smartphone market worldwide. With one billion telecom subscribers and another one billion yet to be brought online, it was already the largest telecom market in terms of potential. In this regard, an event like the India Mobile Congress is ideal for the nation to showcase the most recent advancements in communication technology, invite international brands and experts, invite more investments in the sector, and get more and more people on the technology bandwagon. Such gatherings can be very effective in encouraging early technology adoption, which can have a significant impact on developing nations.

Importance of Tech Events to South Asia

One of the most important aspects of tech events in South Asia is that such events provide a perfect platform for discussion regarding emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, robotics, automation, sensor networks, smart cities, and VR In order to spur growth and cultivate a scientific mindset, it is crucial to instill a futuristic and modern approach to development in South Asia, which is primarily composed of developing nations. The conversations at such events support the young technophiles while also influencing local, national, and international policy.

Events like Telecoms World Asia and the India Mobile Congress encourage foreign participation and financial investments in South Asia’s telecommunications and technology industries. Such investments can significantly speed up technological advancements and bring much-needed regional development. The early roll-out of technologies like 5G would be one of the biggest benefits that the aforementioned telecom and technology events could bring. South Asia has historically been a late adopter of mobile communication technologies, so a focus on technology celebration may encourage earlier tech roll-outs and faster advancements.

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